Am I an addicted?

Only you can answer this question.

Not the fact that it will be easy. Throughout our use, we kept repeating to ourselves: “I can handle it.” Even if at first this was true, now it is no longer so. Drugs have dealt with us. We lived to use and we used to live. Simply put, an addict is a person whose life is dominated by drugs.

Maybe you admit that you have a drug problem, but you don’t consider yourself an addict. Each of us already has an idea of what an addict is. There is no shame in being addicted if you start taking positive action. If our problems are close to you, perhaps our solution will also be close to you. Here are the questions that were written by recovering addicts from Narcotics Anonymous. If you are asking yourself the question, “Am I an addicted?”, Read these questions and answer them as honestly as you can.

  1. Do you ever use alone? «YES or NO
  2. Have you ever switched from one drug to another because you thought the problem was with one particular drug? YES or NO
  3. Have you ever manipulated doctors or, maybe, lied to them to get prescription drugs? YES or NO
  4. Have you ever had to steal drugs or steal to get drugs? “Yes” ¨ No
  5. Do you regularly use the drug when you wake up or before sleep? YES or NO
  6. Have you ever interrupted by one drug action of another drug? YES or NO
  7. Do you avoid such people or places that are negatively treated to your drug use? YES or NO
  8. Have you ever used a drug without knowing what it is and how it will affect you? YES or NO
  9. Did the effects of drug use affect your work or school results? YES or NO
  10. Have you ever been detained in links to drug use? YES or NO
  11. Have you ever lied about how much or what kind of drugs you use? YES or NO
  12. Is buying drugs more important to you than your financial obligations? YES or NO
  13. Have you ever tried to stop or control your use? YES or NO
  14. Have you ever been to jail, hospital or rehab for your drug use? YES or NO
  15. Does eating affect your sleep or appetite? YES or NO
  16. Do you get scared from thoughts of being left without drugs? YES or NO
  17. Do you think that you unable to live without drugs ? YES or NO
  18. Do you sometimes question your sanity? YES or NO
  19. Has drug use brought unhappiness to your home? YES or NO
  20. Have you ever had a thought about not being able to adjust or have a good time without drugs? YES or NO
  21. Have you ever experienced Feelings of guilt, shame, or a desire to justify their use? YES or NO
  22. Do you often think about drugs? YES or NO
  23. Have you experienced fear for which there was no reason or reasonable explanation? YES or NO
  24. Has the use affected your sexual relationship? YES or NO
  25. Have you ever used drugs that you usually did not give preferences? YES or NO
  26. Have you ever taken drugs because of emotional pain or stress? YES or NO
  27. Have you ever overdosed with any drug? YES or NO
  28. Do you continue to use, despite the negative consequences? YES or NO
  29. Do you think you might have a drug problem? YES or NO

Am I an addicted?” – only you can answer this question. We found out that each of us answered “yes” to some of these questions. It wasn’t the number of yes answers that mattered, but what we felt deep down and how addiction affected our lives was more important. Some of these questions don’t even have the word “drugs”. The fact is that addiction is an insidious disease that affects all areas of our lives, even those that, at first glance, have little to do with drugs.What matters is not so much what different drugs we used, but why we used them and what they did to us. When we first read these questions, we were afraid to even think that “addicts” are about us. Some of us tried to brush aside such thoughts and said, “Come on, these questions are pointless,” or “I’m not like that. I know that I use drugs, but “addict” is not about me.It’s just that I have serious problems in the emotional sphere, or in the family, or at work “, or” I just have a difficult period now and I need to come to my senses “, or work, and so on. ”If you are an addict, before you can make any progress on the road to recovery, you must first of all admit that you have a drug problem. These questions, when asked honestly, can show you how drug use has made your life unmanageable.Addiction is a disease, without recovery it has only one end – prison, hospital or death. Many of us came to Narcotics Anonymous because the drugs stopped giving us what we needed. Addiction takes away our pride, respect for ourselves, family, loved ones, and even our desire to live. If you have not yet reached this point in your addiction, you do not need to reach it. We found out that our own personal hell is inside us. If you need help, you can find it at Narcotics Anonymous.“We were looking for an answer when we asked for help and found Narcotics Anonymous. We came to our first NA meeting defeated, not understanding what awaited us. After sitting in one or more meetings, we began to feel that people care, that they are willing to help. Even though reason told us that it wouldn’t work, people in the community gave us hope by repeating that recovery was possible. Surrounded by the same addicts, we realized that we are no longer alone. Recovery is what happens in our meetings. Our lives are at stake. It became clear to us that when you put recovery first, the program works. We were faced with three difficult conclusions:

  • We are powerless over addiction and our lives are uncontrollable;
  • We are not responsible for our illness, but we are responsible for our recovery;
  • We can no longer blame people, places and events for our addiction. We must face our problems and our feelings.

The main weapon of recovery is the recovering addict